Leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial machinery

For nearly 60 years, our mission has been to develop innovative and durable automation equipment for the secondary wood processing industry. Our products are developed for and with our customers to continually improve their production performance. In addition, through a dedicated and experienced team, we offer a personalized machining service for large parts.

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Our values: commitment, rigor, and performance

Since the founding of the company in 1964, the spirit of collaboration and commitment to our clients’ success has been at the heart of our processes and interactions. Our strength lies in the experience, commitment, and expertise of our team. Our values are part of our approach to our clients across Canada, the Americas, and Europe. With our expertise, we hope to contribute to their success and influence.

Performing in engineering

To achieve this, we rigorously control all stages of the projects: design, production drawing, factory production, factory testing, dismantling for transportation, transportation, reassembly at the factory, and final testing. This is what makes Mekanika’s solutions so effective.

Factory-tested systems,
implemented and commissioned
by a competent and
dedicated team for optimal results