a vocation for the future!

By joining the Mekanika team, leader in automation and robotization, you will be able to make a difference and excel in a promising career.

Mekanika is made up of a diversified team of experienced workers who are always on the lookout for innovative and efficient results. Our colleagues, who maintain strong bonds of mutual aid and solidarity, also share our important corporate values: respect, team spirit, and quality.

Our values


– for oneself

– for colleagues

– for clients

– for suppliers

Team spirit

– cooperation

– mutual aid

– positive feedback


– of our equipment

– of our work

– of our customer service

Our team of experts

Our environment

At Mekanika, we take great care to provide a clean and orderly work environment. Our building and equipment are modern. The welding area is well ventilated and the workstations are spacious and well lit. We work in a convivial and productive setting where we feel a real consideration of the employer. Furthermore, for the well being of its entire team, Mekanika will invest in 2023 in an expansion which will include, among other facilities, a larger and more appealing new break room and resolutely turned towards the future.

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On a daily basis, you will get the chance to be recognized for your expertise, to be valued for your contribution to projects, and to make a difference at the heart of Mekanika’s innovation.

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